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With businesses open to the public, their image is of vital importance. Beyond being on top of the new and latest aesthetic trends (or trying to anticipate them) it’s about achieving the image that defines the brand’s profile. We look for an image with the right amount of contemporaneity, ground-breaking style and freshness, while trying to make it as timeless as possible.

At the same time, the main focus of the project must always be the product and the sales strategy, making the most of the location and maximizing the spaces within the premises.

As important as the end result is to efficiently deal with admin procedures, as well as execution deadlines, since both factors can be real obstacles if they are not managed properly.

Retail also means a brand image and a sales strategy properly translated to space.

“People’s lives do not revolve around your brand. They revolve around life.”


(Mike Arauz, founder and president of August Public)

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