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Energy efficiency and digitization of buildings


Full energy autonomy in new buildings is a totally real possibility today. The systems’ active elements (added to the passive elements) contribute to energetic and economic savings, which means the initial investment can be recovered in a few years:

  • Air renewal systems with heat recuperators.
  • Energy production with solar panels -thermal and photovoltaic.
  • Energy production with mini wind systems.
  • Low electrification of the house through high performance lighting and systems.

Likewise, in the renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings we can reach almost zero energy consumption with the adequate action plan.

The digitization of air conditioning and lighting systems, the use of new technologies and the integration of the so-called “Internet of things” with objects allow us to offer highly practical, intelligent buildings as well as high optimization of use and resources.

“Digitization is relentless; some will understand it and the rest will be biologically substituted.”


(Genís Roca, president of RocaSalvatella)

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