House in Maresme

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Maresme · Sur: 358 m2

The project of this two-storey single-family home is designed to meet three main goals:

Firstly, the home must be an energy-independent entity, even exceeding the standards of NZEB (Net-Zero Energy Building).

To achieve this, the building has high levels of thermal insulation outside, as well as high-efficiency glazing with solar control and an air renewal system with a heat exchanger.

The installations are highly energy-efficient and are connected to a set of photovoltaic panels that provide electricity to the whole house. In addition, this system is also able to accumulate the excess energy that is not being used, allowing the charging of electric vehicles or the subsequent reuse of energy in the home itself.

On the other hand, due to the great transparency and permeability of the garden facade, the daytime areas are closely connected to the outdoors and boast great panoramic views. The volumetry of the house itself separates this space from the street, offering good privacy.

Finally, in the future, the two floors could actually work separately with an independent layout on each floor. This has been made possible by incorporating a large multipurpose room in the bedrooms area on the first floor, which could function as a daytime area.

House in Sant Just Desvern

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Sant Just Desvern · Sur: 322,00 m2

A semi-detached three-story house between party walls whose south façade opens up onto a large courtyard in a staggered manner.

The ground floor comprises the daytime areas which boast great transparency towards the outside, and the permeability between the living room and the kitchen can be regulated by means of a long glass sliding door.

An exposed concrete staircase located in the middle of the floor connects with the nighttime areas on the first floor, which has a terrace facing south for the suite and study.

The exposed concrete slab of the below deck serves as an open play area for the children and has an access to a south-facing terrace.

Both the exterior and the interior of the house combine soft grays and natural wood with white and black.

The construction project follows criteria of energy efficiency, both in its passive and active systems, and will also have a solar collecting system that will generate electricity for self-consumption in the house.

Semi-detached houses in Sant Cugat del Vallès

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Sant Cugat del Vallès · Sur: 429 m2

The project consists of two semi-detached houses, asymmetrical in dimension and layout but sharing the same morphological and energy criteria.

The two houses make up a large white rectangular volume which gets disrupted on the ground floor and generates small discontinuities on the facades that reunite again in the four corners of the rectangle.

Daytime areas are located on the ground floor of both houses, with open spaces made up of kitchen isles which open to their respective sitting rooms with large openings to the outside.

One of the building’s main features is its high degree of continuous thermal insulation which substantially increases the houses energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

The whole structure rests on a large gray stone base which contains the car parks in its interior and forms the garden and the terraces at the top.

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