Renovation work in Maria Cristina, Barcelona

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Barcelona · Sur: 173 m2

This is a large house with a big terrace that extends the day zone to the outside. Despite being very bright, the initial distribution was overly fragmented.

The project eliminates the service entrance, the foyer and some of the other hallway areas, creating a large access space, open to the living room and dining room.

The previous kitchen, very small in relation to the dimensions of the house, has been enlarged obtaining a spacious kitchen aisle area which connects directly with the living room and dining room by means of a great wooden sliding door.

Neutral tones have been chosen for the finishes: off-white walls, and furniture and panels of lacquered wood in the same hue, as well as natural oak.

Renovation project in Poble-sec

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Barcelona · Sur: 88 m2

In the renovation project of this house from the early 20th century, located in the old quarter of Poble-Sec, the excessively compartmentalised spaces were resized in order to give more room to the whole.

The kitchen acts as the supporting volume above which a strip runs along the entire perimeter of the house.

The structure of the roofs has been strengthened and the metal and wooden beams with ceramic vaults that make them up have been left exposed, as well as the brick of the dividing walls and the load-bearing walls.

Offices for a Social Foundation

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L’Hospitalet de Llobregat · Sur: 165 m2

Offices for a non-profit foundation that promotes access to affordable housing for vulnerable groups and provides services to the elderly. Located in the premises of a ground floor with large openings, the space enjoys a lot of natural light and a fluid relationship with the outside.

The project has a dual objective: on the one hand, to maintain the flow of space towards the outside and between the different areas, and on the other hand, to present the offices as a welcoming space where both staff and visitors feel like at home.

Therefore, the large glass walls are combined with furniture, materials and lighting more typically found in a home than in an office, and the warmth of the natural wood becomes one of the main features.

A long wooden piece of furniture goes across the space longitudinally, articulating the access hall, the archive area and the open office with a multipurpose table at the back for informal meetings, finally leading to a service area that opens to a green space outside.

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