Renovation work in Maria Cristina, Barcelona

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Barcelona · Sur: 173 m2

This is a large house with a big terrace that extends the day zone to the outside. Despite being very bright, the initial distribution was overly fragmented.

The project eliminates the service entrance, the foyer and some of the other hallway areas, creating a large access space, open to the living room and dining room.

The previous kitchen, very small in relation to the dimensions of the house, has been enlarged obtaining a spacious kitchen aisle area which connects directly with the living room and dining room by means of a great wooden sliding door.

Neutral tones have been chosen for the finishes: off-white walls, and furniture and panels of lacquered wood in the same hue, as well as natural oak.

Renovation project in Poble-sec

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Barcelona · Sur: 88 m2

In the renovation project of this house from the early 20th century, located in the old quarter of Poble-Sec, the excessively compartmentalised spaces were resized in order to give more room to the whole.

The kitchen acts as the supporting volume above which a strip runs along the entire perimeter of the house.

The structure of the roofs has been strengthened and the metal and wooden beams with ceramic vaults that make them up have been left exposed, as well as the brick of the dividing walls and the load-bearing walls.

Offices for a Social Foundation

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L’Hospitalet de Llobregat · Sur: 165 m2

Offices for a non-profit foundation that promotes access to affordable housing for vulnerable groups and provides services to the elderly. Located in the premises of a ground floor with large openings, the space enjoys a lot of natural light and a fluid relationship with the outside.

The project has a dual objective: on the one hand, to maintain the flow of space towards the outside and between the different areas, and on the other hand, to present the offices as a welcoming space where both staff and visitors feel like at home.

Therefore, the large glass walls are combined with furniture, materials and lighting more typically found in a home than in an office, and the warmth of the natural wood becomes one of the main features.

A long wooden piece of furniture goes across the space longitudinally, articulating the access hall, the archive area and the open office with a multipurpose table at the back for informal meetings, finally leading to a service area that opens to a green space outside.

Renovation at Sant Antoni

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Barcelona · Sur: 123 m2

Polished steel, microcement and natural wood on a white background with black brushstrokes.

The materials chosen for the renovation of this house largely define the will of its occupants: a kitchen with lots of natural light and open to the dining room.

Natural light bounces through the bright, white surfaces of the kitchen into the interior of the house and, following the same path as light, a long white piece of furniture runs through and unifies the day areas: the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the hall.

Renovation of a flat in Barcelona

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Barcelona · Sur: 149 m2

In the full renovation of this house the functional program has been redefined, removing some of the existing small rooms in favour of more generosity in the space as a whole.

The project is brought together by the kitchen, made up of a semipermeable volume located in the center of the house that allows the natural light to filter and modify the relationship with the dining room in a dynamic way. This volume, which has an independent access from outside, serves as a separator of daytime and nighttime zones, and is conceived as a box that can be more or less sealed depending on what the users want.

The daytime zone is a large open space where different functional areas that share the same environment are organized: the entrance hall, the reading area, the dining room and the living room. A long glass facade illuminates the entire space, while giving direct access to the outside terrace.

The large dimensions and the fluidity of the daytime area make for great functional versatility, a quality which is reinforced by the furniture, such as the long longitudinal shelf that contains the office, the library, the music equipment, the piano and the sideboard, or the large extendable square dining table with capacity for a large group of diners.

The nighttime area has an ensuite master bedroom; there’s a second bathroom which also serves the daytime area and two rooms that can be joined together by means of large sliding doors that offer the possibility of creating one large space.

As for the finishes, the white dominates, which enhances the luminosity of the facades towards the interior of the house, and it is combined with light oak wood. The kitchen floor and the bathroom linings are light gray stone.

The soft tones create a neutral and temperate environment, where certain pieces of furniture provide contrast occasionally as well as other dark elements that are a counterpoint, such as the iron piece of furniture in the fireplace or the slate wall covering in the kitchen.

House in Premià de Mar

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Premià de Mar · Sur: 100 m2

In this renovation of an old cottage house in the historic center of Premià de Mar, the project recognizes at all times the Mediterranean aspect of this cataloged housing.

On the ground floor, where the day zone is located, the distribution becomes more transparent so that all the spaces have a greater relationship with the existing patio. On the first floor there is a loft above the bathroom, thus increasing room space and diagonal visions.

In all the spaces, the wooden structure is restored and it is combined with white, gray and light brown tones. In the dining room area the flat brick vault is recovered. The furniture and style of the kitchen represent a counterpoint to the entire aesthetics of the house, breaking with a light color and a white marble country.

Duplex in Pedralbes

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Barcelona · Sur: 306 m2

In a building designed by architect Josep Lluís Sert, renowned member of G.A.T.P.A.C., the project adapted the house to the current needs of the client whilst acknowledging elements of the original project, recapturing for instance the double space in the living room. Hallways were eliminated in favour of wider spaces. Natural oak was combined with white-lacquered panels.

The roof was converted into a garden to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of the city.

Flat in Eixample

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Barcelona · Sur: 187 m2

An old flat with a typical Eixample morphology -that is, facing both the street and the courtyard, with a large glazed gallery on the back façade, and high ceilings.

The project reorganized the spaces and eliminated elements that were obstructing light penetration towards the inside of this long flat. The former gallery was modified so that the large Windows would open up totally to create a terrace. The stunning floor mosaic in the lobby was fully restored.

Interior country house in Empordà

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Bellcaire de l’Empordà, Girona · Sur: 500 m2

Interior design and adaptation of an old country house. The finishes and furbishing created different atmospheres within large spaces, leaving construction elements and original structure expose, such as the barrel vaults.

Attic in Sagrada Família

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Barcelona · Sup: 60 m2

Full renovation of a flat that was too compartmentalized. The project turned the kitchen, dining room and living room into an open space which directly communicates with the outdoor terrace. Wood and white are the main tones, in contrast with the bathroom, in dark hues.

Carolina Lemke Store Cucurulla St

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Barcelona · Sur: 54 m2

The project aims to invite passers-by to enter a store located in a busy street in the city center. In order to maximize the available triangular space, the store is conceived like an open, accessible display window. The two existing openings have no glass and are framed in black thus creating a sign with the brand name. The neutral white interior makes the color of each product stand out.

In partnership with Linoy Rubinshtein & Jordi Sinfreu.

Carolina Lemke Store Sants Station

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Barcelona · Sur: 60 m2

Located in a very busy area, the project raises the store like a glass box full of light. The route of the two facades in the corner shows at all times the illuminated interior, as well as the products that are exposed, inviting the passers-by to enter.

Using mainly the corporate colors of the brand, the white furniture contrasts with the pavement and the black volume of the store.

In partnership with Linoy Rubinshtein & Jordi Sinfreu.

Flat in Lluria street

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Barcelona · Sur: 187 m2

In a mid-twentieth-century dwelling with typical morphology of the extension, an interior renovation is proposed, renovating the finishes and the installations, updating the house to the new needs and preserving some of the original elements such as walnut doors, iron radiators or the carpentries of the inner courtyards. Some structural elements such as the forging of the kitchen and a wall of work seen in the living-dining room can be seen.

Flat in Les Corts

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Barcelona · Sur: 140 m2

An old, large flat, with an unusual morphology located in the corner of the building.

The full renovation work was based around reorganizing spaces, looking for a balance between the kitchen and living areas, and the bedrooms. The finishing materials match the furbishing, creating a warm atmosphere of whites with grey hues and light browns. Lacquered paneling with sliding doors unifies the corridor that gives access to the bedroom area, giving it a certain spaciousness.

Finishing materials combine with custom-made furnishings, creating a warm white atmosphere with light brown and gray hues.

In partnership with Marta Hombravella.

Flat in Poblenou

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Barcelona · Sur: 85 m2

An apartment in a block created during the urban regeneration that Barcelona underwent and which improved the city within the framework of the actions undertaken around the Olympic Games 1992, especially in the formerly industrial district of Poblenou, which was consolidated in later years. Although the volumetry and the exterior were adequate, the construction had some deficiencies and the interior distribution was improvable.

The project unified the daytime areas of the house (kitchen, dining room and living room), by eliminating part of the hallway and creating a new kitchen with an isle which freed up space and increased flexibility in the arrangement of the dining room.

Attic in Diagonal

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Barcelona · Sur: 96 m2

An old coal cellar located at the top of a building dating from the beginning of the 20th century, which was later adapted into an office space. The project turned it into a living space, and created a linear skylight that brings zenithal light to the kitchen and bathrooms and allows easy access to the stunning terrace/solarium on the upper level.

Loft in Camp de l’Arpa

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Barcelona · Sur: 62 m2

The project consisted in turning the former ground floor of a shop into an open living space. The space flows without any obstacles and it visually connects all the spaces with the outdoor patio at the end of the plot. Making the most of the height, a central volume which includes bathroom and kitchen organizes the whole, strengthening the concept and creating diagonal views within one single space.

Flat in Hospitalet

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Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona · Sup: 75 m2

A house on a ground floor, with a patio at the back, on a small budget, but with huge potential.

Spaces were reorganized, finishing materials renovated, some construction elements uncovered and restored, such as the metallic beams and original ceramic vault in some of the rooms.

Bar & Restaurant at Eixample

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Barcelona · Sur: 61 m2

A small bar in Barcelona: a restaurant and an area for signature cocktails. The project sets out a very functional space that combines both services. The materials used are natural wooden panels on the walls, stone elements at the bar, continuous polished concrete floor, and the metal beams and ceramic on the ceiling are left exposed.