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Project Management


Uncertainty vs Control. Two ways of managing risk in two activities with a shared purpose: high adrenaline discharge and emotions.

During the project phase we apply the management methods to control the architectural process at all times by defending the interests of our clients, looking for the best execution at the lowest possible cost, and avoiding budget deviations due to unforeseen circumstances.

The architectural project is just one more process among the various processes that will need to be developed to achieve the client’s goals. It is therefore important to develop other processes such as economic viability and at a later stage, budget control in the executive phase and monitoring during the execution process. At the same time, the different actors involved should be coordinated without losing sight of their impact and influence on the project.

successful outcome can only be guaranteed through a global perspective. Time, quality and cost.

“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing.”


(Peter Drucker, founder of modern management)

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