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Services to businesses


Why is corporate interior design so important nowadays? It’s not just an aesthetic question. It has to do with a company’s philosophy and the way it operates. Companies must renew themselves, seek new operating formulas, reinvent themselves or die.

The companies that succeed today are the ones that innovate and think differently. The work space is important and it influences us more than we think in aspects such as comfort, decision-making, productivity and creativity. Therefore, it inevitably affects our work and performance.

We must make our workspace a comfortable place. After all, it is the place where we spend more hours throughout the day and we should feel like going to work. There is evidence that employees who are comfortable in their work environment significantly increase their performance and productivity.

You do not have to be Google or Apple to have modern and comfortable offices that promote performance, creativity, and fun during breaks. Any workplace can be improved to bring out the best of its employees, be it a large or small company.

“I wish I worked there!”

Key concepts:


Stimulating spaces

Examples of business spaces that invite you to work in a non-conventional way: idea labs, sensory rooms, story-telling spaces…


Spaces for reflection

How relaxation promotes different brain states that aid creativity: use of colors, patios, relaxation rooms…


Spaces for collaboration

Specially designed to foster cooperation amongst teams, interdisciplinary work: micro-kitchens, drawing rooms, amphitheaters, cafes… We also analyze the technological advances that favor collaborative work.


Spaces to “play” in

Co-creation rooms with clients, spaces for role-play and joint exploration of ideas, spaces with facilities for ethnographic work.


Spaces to create

Rooms profusely equipped for creativity meetings. Brainstorming, mental maps, etc.

“Creativity is a habit. It’s not something that happens in the show”


(Nick Law, dcreative director of R / GA Global)

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