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Bellcaire de l’Empordà, Girona · Sur: 17.294 m2

A set of houses that adapts to the topography of the land and the street. The urbanization, with the Montgrí in the South and the Pyrenees in the North, is formed by houses asymmetrically attached.

The dwellings are formed essentially by two cradles in ground floor: with the kitchen and a room in one of them and the other with the living-dining room. The latter is a diaphanous space with a North-South longitudinal transparency. In the first floor a longitudinal volume accommodates the bedrooms and a large multipurpose space in the area of the staircase with transparency towards the terrace of the upper level.

The project is designed with sustainable construction and energy efficiency criteria:


  • Use of natural materials with low environmental footprint from the nearby environment and in accordance with those traditionally used in the area such as natural stone and lime mortar.
  • Enclosure with high thermal insulation and without thermal bridges to contribute to minimize the use of active means of climatic conditioning.
  • Breathable thermal insulation materials and insulation that prevent moisture and condensation in the interior.
  • Passive and dynamic solar protection of all openings.
  • High energy efficiency thermal installations combined with solar panels.
  • Lighting of high energy performance and low consumption.
  • Active system for the renovation and control of indoor air quality.
  • Active radiation protection of electrical elements and circuits.
  • Advanced domotic system and digitalized of the mechanically active elements of the house.
  • Rainwater collection system for later re-use in the garden.