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Barcelona · Sur: 149 m2

In the full renovation of this house the functional program has been redefined, removing some of the existing small rooms in favour of more generosity in the space as a whole.

The project is brought together by the kitchen, made up of a semipermeable volume located in the center of the house that allows the natural light to filter and modify the relationship with the dining room in a dynamic way. This volume, which has an independent access from outside, serves as a separator of daytime and nighttime zones, and is conceived as a box that can be more or less sealed depending on what the users want.

The daytime zone is a large open space where different functional areas that share the same environment are organized: the entrance hall, the reading area, the dining room and the living room. A long glass facade illuminates the entire space, while giving direct access to the outside terrace.

The large dimensions and the fluidity of the daytime area make for great functional versatility, a quality which is reinforced by the furniture, such as the long longitudinal shelf that contains the office, the library, the music equipment, the piano and the sideboard, or the large extendable square dining table with capacity for a large group of diners.

The nighttime area has an ensuite master bedroom; there’s a second bathroom which also serves the daytime area and two rooms that can be joined together by means of large sliding doors that offer the possibility of creating one large space.

As for the finishes, the white dominates, which enhances the luminosity of the facades towards the interior of the house, and it is combined with light oak wood. The kitchen floor and the bathroom linings are light gray stone.

The soft tones create a neutral and temperate environment, where certain pieces of furniture provide contrast occasionally as well as other dark elements that are a counterpoint, such as the iron piece of furniture in the fireplace or the slate wall covering in the kitchen.